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Noise & Vibration
Climatic Chambers


EUROAMERICA provides a full range of climatic chambers, ideal for shaker applications, and NVH tests

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Climatic Chambers used with Shaker Systems

We supply the new series of CTS vibration test cabinets, which can be used for temperature or climatic testing in combination with shaker systems, offers you various further extensions and options in addition to a wide range of standard equipment. Whether you need it to be combined with vertical or horizontal vibration, the modular and standardized series can be combined with all common shaker types and adapted to your testing requirements.

Sizes are available from just a few hundred litres of usable space up to several cubic metres. Latest cooling technology, energy-efficient, robust and reliable. As there are numerous different possible requirements regarding combined temperature or climatic control tests with vibration, a thorough consultation is necessary at all costs. Simply contact us.

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