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Noise & Vibration


EUROAMERICA provides an extensive range of sensors, and mircophones used in NVH testing.

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Modal Analysis: Shakers in modal analysis, helping automotive engineers understand a vehicle's natural frequencies and structural behavior. This insight is crucial for optimizing designs and ensuring vehicle safety and performance.

Sensors for NVH 

ICP® Acoustic Pressure Sensors

Measure high-intensity acoustic noise and very low-pressure fluctuations in harsh environments. ICP constant current provides power.

Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Miniature piezoelectric accelerometers are required for applications demanding high-frequency range, small size, and low weight. Available in both single-axis and triaxial configurations, mini ICP accelerometers are used during wind tunnel testing.

Endevco Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

With designs suitable for airflow measurements or high-intensity sound, these pressure sensors feature quick response times and high output for excellent signal-to-noise ratio. They measure both static and dynamic pressure.

Force Sensors

Aerodynamics & aero-acoustics applications feature high stiffness, fast response and repeatable performance, permitting them to capture high frequencies and follow fast transient events.

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