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Noise & Vibration
Laser Vibrometry


EUROAMERICA provides worldclass technology in the field of Laser Vibrometry, offering Optomet test and measurment equipment that can be utilised in NVH applications.

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Acoustics and Ultrasonics

Laser Doppler vibrometers are indispensable tools for challenging work in the field of acoustics and ultrasonics. They visualize vibration directly at the source of sound generation: on a membrane or any other moving surface. Their non-contact measuring principle is precise, highly linear and free from environmental influences.

Optomet laser vibrometers have proven their value in the development of loudspeaker systems, in the construction of musical instruments, the development of ultrasonic sensors, microphones, mobile phones and ultrasonic sonotrodes but also in the acoustic design of consumer goods, white goods, automotive and aircraft components or in the validation of FE models.

Sensors for Acoustics

Piezoelectric Microphones - Used to measure high intensity acoustic noise and very low pressure fluctuations in harsh environments, and a wide range of environmental conditions, including insensitivity to altitude changes. No external power source required.

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