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Noise & Vibration
Vibration Test

Vibration Testing

EUROAMERICA Providers of an extensive range of vibration test equipment. 

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Car vibration testing
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airplane airborne sound test
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Impact sound test

Vibration Testing -

These types of tests play a crucial role in the automotive and aerospace industries, serving roles in durability testing, quality assurance, and safety evaluations. By using these tests, it is possible to mimic real-world conditions that permit identify defects, validate safety features and contribute to make sure that components meet the design requirements. Common tests include sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, and shock testing.

Car vibration testing
Ramdom vibration testing

Random Vibration Testing

Random vibration testing is an important step to ensure the durability and reliability of a product or system. It simulates unpredictable and chaotic nature of real-world vibrations, such as those encountered during transportation or operation. The test involves exposing the item to a wide range of vibration frequencies at once, creating a realistic simulation of its potential environmental conditions. This approach differs from the more traditional sinusoidal vibration testing, where only one frequency is applied at a time. By subjecting the test item to a diverse array of vibrations, we can accurately assess its ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Random vibration testing is a valuable tool for ensuring the reliability and durability of products and systems that are used in a variety of industries, including:


  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Defense

  • Electronics

  • Transportation 


Vibration Shock Testing

Vibration shock testing is a test type that permits to study the impact of unexpected and intense forces on a product or system. Its purpose is to evaluate the durability and functionality of the product or system in such scenarios, guaranteeing that it meets all necessary design standards.

Some examples of real-world events that vibration shock testing can simulate are:

  • Aircraft landing

  • Truck driving over a pothole

  • Explosion

  • Bomb blast

  • Earthquake

Sinusoidal vibration testing

Sinusodial Vibration Testing 

Sinusoidal vibration testing is used to research the vibration response of the test material. The test can be used to check the structural integrity of several components, determine resonant frequencies, and measure the vibrational power transmitted by the test object.

Some examples where sinusoidal vibration testing is applied are listed below:

  • Structural integrity of automotive/aerospace components

  • Resonant frequencies of automotive components identification

  • Measurement of transmissibility of vibration through electronic devices

  • Transportation 


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