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Optical Measurement

Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

EUROAMERICA provides a large range of testing systems and equipment for the analysis and validation of Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustic propertys.

This can be achieved through optical measurement, Laser Vibrometry and Sensors that are supplied through partners of EUROAMERICA. 

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Aerodynamics optical measurement
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Laser vibrometry
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PCB - Endevco sensors
Optical measurements for aerodynamics

Optical Measurements for Aerodynamics

Optical diagnostic technologies such as laser imaging and fiber sensors are powerful development tools in many research laboratories of the automotive industry and help to efficiently utilize alternative fuel concepts to maximize contribution to a sustainable future. 


They are successfully applied to measure in-cylinder processes, air flows around and inside car bodies, and study the deformation and strain behaviour of automotive parts under stress. Automotive Imaging systems capture the optical quality of windshields and measure at the same time the image quality of camera-based ADAS systems.

Aerodynamic Testing: PIV in Wind Tunnels
Aerodynamic testing is often the key to success in car racing and for transport vehicles to achieve the best fuel economy. Multidimensional and often time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements are applied in wind tunnels to balance aerodynamic shape with automotive styling and to reduce wind noise (aeroacoustics).
Through the supply of Lavision FlowMaster, their PIV systems provide real-time and accurate flow field measurements and support remote measurement control, including flow field scanning in all directions and data synchronization with other wind tunnel test parameters. This guarantees short development times, avoiding costly wind tunnel downtimes.

Time-Resolved 3D Flow Field Imaging in a Wind Tunnel for Full Scale Automotive Testing

Time-resolved 3D flow fields have been successfully measured behind a serial car in a large wind tunnel at Volkswagen. The field of view was 2 m x 1.6 m with a light sheet thickness of 0.2 m. The airflow was seeded with 0.3 mm in diameter Helium-filled soap bubbles applying seeding rates of more than 2 million bubbles per second operating 60 seeding nozzles.

Four high-speed cameras recorded the 3D wake flow at wind speeds of 60 km/h and 120 km/h, respectively. A high-speed laser was used for illumination. LaVision’s Shake-the-Box time-resolved 3D-PTV technique was applied to calculate the time-resolved 3D flow fields.

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