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Thermo Sensor



Thermocouples made by Thermo Sensor are used successfully for temperature measurements in solid, liquid or gaseous media up to +1,600 °C and are available in various designs and versions. Due to the high accuracy and quick response times our thermocouples enjoy a high degree of confidence among our customers. In addition, the simple operation ensures quick results. Because of our product variety we are able to offer you the best solution in nearly all industrial applications. All our thermocouples are made of class 1 material. We can also supply thermocouples made of half class 1 material with a maximum deviation of 0.5 °C upon special request. Particularly in the field of the fast responding sheath thermocouples Thermo Sensor is setting standards by producing sensors from a diameter of 0.15 mm.


Wire Thermocouple

Wire thermocouples are available in a variety of designs - depending on the application, we can provide you with a sensor that is tailored to the measuring task. Typical areas of application are surface temperature determination, the detection of component temperatures, the measurement by drag elements in industrial furnaces or the control in the heating, cooling and ventilation technology. Often, a thermocouple connector is connected to the wire. In this version, the sensor can be easily connected to the evaluation unit or data logger. The probes are available in various lengths and diameters in many different designs, for example with adhesive pad, magnet, bayonet cap or as a pipe clamp probe.



Mineral-insulated thermocouples are used for precise temperature measurements. Due to their mechanical robustness and shock resistance and easy handling they can withstand different requirements. Thermo Sensor is able to supply mineral-insulated thermocouples from a diameter of 0.15 mm - ideal for use in confined spaces. They have fast response times and a special internal design that allows to be used with high pressures and vibrations. Their wide temperature range makes them extremely heat-resistant and allows measurement in both liquid and gaseous media. They are versatile and widely used in the industry. Due to their enormous flexibility, they are ideal for difficult spatial conditions and are preferably used where a flexible use is desired. All Thermo Sensor mineral-insulated thermocouples can be supplied completely assembled with thermocouple wire or thermocouple plug on request. We can also supply almost any mineral-insulated thermocouples with a swaged measuring tip. Swaged thermocouples combine two characteristics - they are extremely robust and yet retain their fast response time.


Industrial Thermocouples

Industrial thermocouples are preferable for high temperature ranges. Thanks to their enormous robustness thermocouples for industrial applications are versatile and primarily suitable for measuring temperatures in gaseous, liquid and plastic media. The respective characteristics particularly depend on the materials used. Frequently used materials are platin, different ceramics and heat-resistant steels.


High-Temperature Sensors

High-Temperature thermocouples are particularly suitable for use in extremely high temperature ranges. The platinum thermocouple type R, S, B and C as well as the manufactured materials withstand temperatures up to 1,800 °C. The double protective tubes made of ceramic or metal provide the necessary heat resistance. For example, our high-temperature sensors are reliable in temperature measurements in hot gas environments in the glass, ceramics and metal industries and heat treatment and combustion processes, due to their temperature resistance.


Vacuum-tight temperature sensors

There are metals that can only be heat treated under inert gas, reaction gas or in vacuum. For this purpose, vacuum-tight temperature sensors from Thermo Sensor are used to maintain the appropriate atmosphere during the process. As a vacuum-tight sensor, Thermo Sensor, for example, offers straight elements with up to 2 measuring points. These are available e.g. in the versions type K, N, S, R, B or also C and D. Various connection heads or housings are also available. The connection to the furnace or the system can be carried out differently, e.g. by means of a tightly welded KF flange or also by means of a vacuum-tight pipe crushing screw. The pipe crushing has the advantage that the thermocouple can be moved in its immersion depth. Since the vacuum thermocouples are pipe constructions, the elements are not bendable.


Thermocouple high-voltage Sensor System

Thermo Sensor has developed a unique thermocouple sensor system which is designed specifically for applications in high-voltage areas. It consists of a mounting jack and the correspondent connector with a moulded thermocouple. Due to the system purpose-built design, all components offer protection against high-voltage for up to 6 kV. Furhermore, all contacts and conductor materials are made of class 1 thermocouple material type K, which makes Thermo Sensor's high-voltage thermocouple sensor system as well as our waterproof Sensor System especially suitable for temperature measurement.

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