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Passive Safety
Crash / Sled

Our Crash and Sled offerings include High-Speed Cameras, LED Lights, Sensors, Track and Barriers, Data Acquisition, and Supporting Analysis Software. Utilising tracks and barriers supplied by Seattle Safety and Additium, lit up by LED lights from IES, to capture data from sensors supplied by DTS and MG-Sensor, caught on camera from a wide selection we offer from IDT, AOS and PCO, and analysed using software from Falcon and IAT

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Catapult Sled Systems

For the highest productivity and optimal performance in the lab, ServoSled™ leads the market. Efficiently and accurately test everything from low-g whiplash to high payload crashes.


Comply with all of the latest FMVSS, ECE, and NCAP safety standards. The system’s innovative technology offers a number of key advantages to help lab managers meet the demands of safety engineering.

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ServoSled 1000

The ServoSled 1000 performs seat, child seat, seatbelt, and battery regulatory pulses as well as more complex frontal vehicle pulses. Built on the proven ServoSled technology being used in more than 50 safety labs worldwide, the ServoSled 1000 can provide reliable and repeatable compliance test performance.


Dynamic Pitch Simulator


The Seattle Safety Dynamic Pitch Simulator is an economical add-on accessory to sled test systems. Current lab managers can add pitch simulation without replacing their systems, and new customers can buy with confidence knowing they can add the simulator any time in the future.


Decelerator Sled Testing System 

Reproduce a full spectrum of shock pulses with excellent accuracy and repeatability. Our air-powered sleds use wire benders or polycarbonate decelerators to provide excellent pulse repeatability with minimal investment.


Structural Impactors

Leveraging Seattle Safety experience in Decelerator Sleds and Crash Test Barriers, our Structural Impactors provide a low-cost solution for performing destructive validation of critical structures .


Crash Test Barriers

For full-scale crash test labs, these proven systems provide all your barrier configurations from FMVSS full frontals to EuroNCAP offsets to IIHS small overlaps. We also offer wall-mounted barrier block fixtures for frontal and side-impact testing and ramps for curb trip and rollovers. 


Static Deployment Test System

Nowadays airbag test systems are an integral part of all manufactured cars. These passive safety systems must pass a variety of tests before they can be installed in vehicles. Most such tests are done using destructive tests and accompany all phases of the production of an airbag. This static test facility can be used for quality inspection of mounted airbag modules. The method uses the Static Deployment Test (SDT) which is explained below as a modular system. The solution for an integrated airbag test facility is based on HuDe’s modular design concept and scalable. All tests are processed in accordance with AK-LV specification (Arbeitskreis Audi, BMW, DC, VW) and based on international regulations SAE J211, ISO 12097, ISO/TC 13499 among others. The systems are prepared for real temperature testing in the range of –35°C to +85°C  (extended ranges optional).

For Airbag Testing, we supply a range of high-speed cameras, LED lights, and control systems. The highspeed cameras cover every budget and spec, and we offer a wide selection from IDT, AOS and PCO. We provide German-made IES LED lighting rigs and control systems from HUDE and IES. 


Airbag Testing

The test principle involves two basic procedures namely testing inside and outside of climate chambers. The test systems for testing inside the chamber typically require certain lighting within the chamber. These lights are activated shortly before the specimen is fired so the temperature change is minimal.

Test objects include:

  • Steering Wheels – with DAB (driver airbag)

  • IP – instrument panels with PAB

  • SAB – side (seat) airbags

  • IC – inflatable curtains


Control System

The operation and data acquisition system controls several functions.

  • Single, double and multistage airbag-ignition with precise delay

  • Fully integrated high-speed camera

  • Camera positioning system

  • Lighting

  • Shuttle control to move test targets

  • Control for ventilation system

  • Temperature control

  • Door lock for test room

  • Optional temperature monitoring


Other Hude Test Systems

Linear Impactor 

Perfectly suitable for integration in small test facilities. Due to the flexible design the system can be expanded by further modules at any time. You can adapt to test specifications with different test variations such as the common LIP plate impact, the guided motion modules, head impact and ejection mitigation as well as the free motion modules  Maxilla / Double FMH and Body Block.


Drop Tower 

For direct end-of-line checks from your production line this can include Instrument panel / cockpits / IP panels where the corresponding products are tested and subsequently released. Batch-by-batch the customer determine the quality as well as the reproducibility of their products without having to go through a complex airbag test.


Together with OEM suppliers, we have developed a dynamic test system, simulating the forces and energies of airbag usage using special impactors.


Crash Component Testsystem

The exceptionally compact and customer-specific Component Crash Testsystem (CCTS) simulates dynamic crash tests, which are suitable for the area of component production as well series and quality monitoring.


A-pillars, B-pillars, C-pillars, shock-absorbers and any kind of automotive component can be clamped on the intended wall and prepared for the test.

For Seat Belt Testing, we offer customised test stands from ATOS engineering, which can be supported by a wide range of high-speed vision products from IDT, AOS and PCO. 

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