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Whether you are measuring mode shapes of disk drive components, skin surface pressures of an experimental aircraft, shock testing to improve product durability or the vibration level of a new hybrid energy system, we offer through our partner ENDEVCO the most comprehensive and reliable range of Accelerometers, Signal Conditioners, Pressure Transducers, High intensity microphones, Supportive instrumentation, Accessories and Cables. 

A wide range of applications can be supported such as, High G / Impact / Shock​, Structural analysis​, Motion study​, General lab testing, Radiation / Nuclear​, Lightweight structure testing, Machine health monitoring, Airborne / flight testing, Aerodynamic / wind tunnel, Virbo-acoustic, Automotive design & testing, Auto safety testing, Turbine engine testing, Transportation testing



EUROAMERICA through its partner PCB supplies vibration, pressure, force and strain, shock, and acoustic sensors used by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals worldwide for test, measurement, monitoring, and control requirements.


The supplied sensors support testing in aerospace and defense, automotive, transportation, civil engineering, and general R&D industries. Primary sensing technologies include piezoelectric (ICP®), piezoresistive, and capacitive MEMS. 

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Use precision accelerometers* for the measurement of vibration, shock, acceleration, and motion. In addition the miniature precision units, and rugged accelerometers are used for industrial machinery health monitoring for the evaluation of equipment and structural performance. Such applications usually require proof of calibration of the entire measurement system, from sensors to final output.

PCB provides ICP® (IEPE), PE, MEMS, and capacitance sensing technologies to satisfy these various measurement requirements.



EUROAMERICA offers structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems and services for various applications in design and test laboratories, as well as manufacturing facilities. We simplify testing with an extensive sound and vibration rental program, precision calibration systems, non-destructive test systems, digital sensors, and both modal and vibration shakers.


Our structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems include the entire product line from The Modal Shop a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

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The 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator, while similar in look and operation to the 9100D, stands out with additional features that enable users to take that extra step in portable calibration. Notably, 9110-CALROUTE allows users to run semi-automated testing with pass/fail results displayed on the screen of the 9110D.

Highlights, An integral precision quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop level control gives the 9110D enhanced stability and superior vibration calibration over an extended 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range. Packaged in a rugged Pelican® Storm case, the 9110D is always ready for travel to test sites and bringing laboratory accuracy to the field.

The unit is small and completely self-contained, providing a known vibration reference source from 5 Hz (300 CPM) up to 10 kHz (600k CPM), at amplitudes up to 20 g pk (196 m/s2), shaker stroke and sensor mass dependent. Packaged in a lightweight, durable Pelican® Case with two press and pull latches and padlockable caps, the 9110D is always ready for travel to test sites.


DTS SENSORS DTS sensors and accelerometers are rugged, miniature and designed for dynamic testing. DTS Angular Rate Sensors (ARS) measure angular velocity. DTS solutions also offer built-in sensor data acquisition system (DAS) options. Unixial, triaxial and six-degrees-of-freedom angular rate sensors and acceleration sensors solutions make DTS sensors versatile and reliable


DTS data acquisition systems and sensors are ultra-small and designed to be embedded on or in test articles, without altering test dynamics. 2. Rugged. Highest shock rating available. Engineered to be reliable in even the most extreme.



EUROAMERICA suppliers vibration test systems from IMV Corporation. Vibration test systems reproduce vibrating environments onto products. It enables evaluation of the product durability and the reliability. As part of our focus,

IMV produces 6 Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) vibration test systems which reproduce real vibrating environments and ecologically friendly intelligent systems. In addition EUROAMERICA offers vibration measuring systems, vibration monitoring systems, seismic monitoring systems, data acquisition analysis systems and a wide range of other products.


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We provide high-quality and innovative solutions for temperature, measuring and control technology.
Our partner Thermo Sensor is certified with ISO 9001:2015). Thermo Sensor produces temperature sensors used worldwide.

Due to the accuracy and quick response time our Thermocouples enjoy a high degree of confidence among our customers.
They are easily to handle and therefore deliver fast results. Because of our product variety we are able to offer you the best solution in nearly all industrial applications.

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Resistance Thermometers Nearly for all industrial sectors we are able to offer you the optimal sensor. Besides the Pt100 sensor we also provide all kinds of sensor types in various versions. Our resistance thermometers are highly precise, robust und largely insensitive against electrical failures.


High-Voltage Sensor System Thermo Sensor has developed a unique thermocouple sensor system, which is designed especially for applications in high-voltage areas. It consists of a mounting jack and the correspondent connector with a moulded thermocouple. All components offer protection against high-voltage for up to 6 kV and are especially suitable for temperature measurements.


mg-sensor's innovative precision products provide customized solutions for the automotive, medical, manufacturing, and textile industries. Specializing in measuring force, torque, and angular rates

A complete portfolio of sensors integrates into ATDs and test vehicles for a crash test laboratory to measure force, torque, and angular rates. 

Dummy Load Cells, Current Pulse Sensors, Angular Rate and Acceleration Sensors, Voltage Measurement Modules and Temperature Sensors


Vehicle Safety There is an extensive variety of sensors & accessories used in the crash testing and automotive industry to provide high-precision measurements that help in performing repeatable and reproduceable tests.

mg-sensor produces a wide range of these precision products for vehicle safety such as Seat Belt Sensors, Steering Column Load Cells, Temperature Sensors, Angular Velocity and Acceleration Sensors, Current Sensors, Voltage Measurement Modules, and Belt Displacement Sensors.

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