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High Speed Video

EUROAMERICA provides a wide range of High Speed Cameras and suppporting software and equipment for testing that requires high speed video.

High-Speed Video (HSV) is an important technology with a wide range of applications across various fields, making it an essential tool for understanding and analyzing rapid events and phenomena. Its importance stems from its ability to capture and visualize motion that is too fast for the human eye to perceive in real time, allowing for in-depth study, analysis, and improvement in different fields.

Automotive Safety and Crash Testing:

High-speed video (HSV) is widely used by the automotive industry in airbag and crash tests to evaluate the effectiveness of safety features. It allows researchers to analyze impact forces, occupant kinematics, and the behavior of materials in car crashes, leading to safer vehicle designs.

DIC - Digital Image Correlation is a 2D or 3D optical tracking technique. It tracks a grey value pattern in subsets through digital imaging. A speckled pattern often appears on objects such as aluminum, plastics, rubber, and many other materials. They are often used for various tests on both small and large test areas. Tests include torsion, tinsel, bending, or load testing.


2D DIC tracking requires a single high-speed camera. EUROAMERCIA provides a range of cameras suitable for this purpose. For 3D DIC tracking, the user will require two high-speed cameras, they provide simultaneous recording. Utilizing multiple high-speed cameras with DIC software allows 3D rendering to be created.


Materials Testing 
High-speed imaging is applied to materials testing in order to measure the physical and mechanical properties of different materials or components. 

Materials testing measures the characteristics of materials, such as mechanical properties, elemental composition, corrosion resistance and the effects of heat treatments. 

Typical testing methods include: Tensile Testing, Drop Testing, Compression, Deformation, Crush Resistance, Delamination and many more. 

Fluid Dynamics

High-speed imaging can be used as a tool when examing fluide dynamics. Users can measure and visualize the flow (complex movement of liquids, gases and plasmas in motion).


​Flow can be either steady or unsteady, laminar or turbulent. Laminar flows are smoother, while turbulent flows are more unstable. The study of liquid flow is called hydrodynamics.


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