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Data Logging
& Aquisition

EUROAMERICA supplies a data logging devices, providing leading test and measurement devices from imc, kvaser and DTS. 

imc DAS / DAQ 

EUROAMERICA in Motion provides a range of data logging and Data Aquisition Systems.. 


ARGUSfit - the powerful, ultra-compact and flexible DAQ system where you easily connect the modules with a click mechanism. With high channel density, compact design, and stand-alone operation, it enables precise measurements in a wide range of applications - from prototype testing to monitoring machines and equipment.


The imc CRONOScompact is the single most comprehensive data acquisition system (DAQ) for electromechanical testing on the market today. Integrating measurement, control and simulation into one housing provides you with the reliability of absolute synchronization, and the convenience and ease of use of having all of your tools in one place. Whether you are measuring highly dynamic vibrations beyond the audio range, using multiple PID control loops for test stand automation, or monitoring process signals and fieldbus data throughout an entire test cell, imc CRONOScompact is there for you. From high voltage to current fed, and strain gauges to thermocouples, the integrated signal conditioning of imc CRONOScompact also ensures every sensor you need is compatible.


With the imc CRONOSflex, we offer a modular system, which gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the setup of your data acqusition (DAQ) system. The system requires no rack or frame. Both base unit and the measurement modules (amplifiers or conditioners) have independent housings: by a robust "Click Mechanism", they can easily be either connected directly to one another or alternatively spatially distributed over a standard network cable. A distance of up to 100m between individual modules is possible. The imc CRONOSflex covers the entire frequency range of physical test and measurement requirements by providing up to 2 MSamples/s with channel rates up to 100 kSamples/s. Measurement modules are available for every common type of signal and sensor. Experience the flexibility of a modular, spatially distributable data acquisition (DAQ) system.

With the imc CRONOS-XT, imc is offering for the first time an ultra-robust device in a completely modular platform. The rugged data acquisition base unit and a number of amplifiers can be conveniently connected to form a complete system: without tools and cables via a simple click-mechanism. With protection class IP67 and MIL-STD810F, the system is protected against dirt, dust and water as well as severe shocks and vibrations. The rugged data logger is therefore ideal for mobile measurements on construction machinery, tractors, agricultural machinery and vehicle testing that takes place in harsh environments.


imc CRONOS-SL is a highly compact, extremely robust data acquisition (DAQ) system, for applications in tough environments. Conforming to MIL STD810F, one of the highest standards for temperature, environmental contaminants, and shock resistance, the signal conditioning, AD-conversion, online processing and data storage are integral components of the measurement system. This makes imc CRONOS-SL ideal for measurement tasks involving long duration testing and monitoring tasks: e.g., on board vehicles, machinery or at outdoor measurement sites, where regular measurement equipment often fails to meet the environmental conditions.


The imc C-SERIES consists of smart network-capable, unventilated compact data acquisition (DAQ) devices for all-purpose measurement of physical quantities. These devices can operate either in computer-aided or autonomous mode and are lightweight, compact, and robust, thus, especially well adapted to applications in R&D or in the testing of mechanical and electromechanical components of machines, on board vehicles, or in monitoring tasks in installations.


The new imc EOS stands for speed! With sampling rates of up to 4 MHz, imc EOS allows precise analysis of very fast dynamic processes. Voltage, current transducers and IEPE sensors can be connected at four isolated inputs to measure acceleration, sound or force. The areas of application are diverse: from high-speed recorder use in blasting tests to structure-borne noise and vibration measurements, analysis of switching processes on control units or airbag and crash tests, right through to e-mobility applications. An especially attractive feature is the possibility to operate imc EOS synchronously together with other imc measurement systems.


imc CANSAS modules allow for direct connection to all typical sensors and signals in the mechatronic environment. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read and recorded by any data acquisition, automation or control system with a CAN interface. imc BUSDAQflex is the perfect choise for CAN data logging: it can directly be connected with a simple click.


imc BUSDAQflex data logger series allows the user to have access to the usual bus systems of the automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. In addition to the acquisition of raw data streams and protocol channels, the live decoding of individual channels as well as complex protocols such as CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, etc. are supported. The standard basic configuration of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for different field and vehicle buses for the larger device variants.


imc SPARTAN is a compact, high-precision data acquisition system for quasi-static and dynamic voltage, strain gauges, current and temperature signals. imc SPARTAN is ideal for monitoring tasks, for instance, in civil engineering or transportation applications. Due to its independence from the PC and its self-activation capability, it covers areas in which other PC-based systems have to give up. The very high number of channels required in some cases makes the up to 128 channel system the best option. For even more channels, an unlimited number of imc SPARTAN devices can be cascaded and synchronized. Further applications can be found in system engineering, automation, material and endurance tests, as well as in the growing market of wind power.


imc MKAS-II performs precise data acquisition and analysis of cold start processes and is the ideal tool for combustion engine and ECU testing applications. Developed in cooperation with specialists at BOSCH and incorporating their extensive experience and requirements, imc MKAS-II meets the advanced demands of modern engine testing. imc MKAS-II unites all necessary hardware components in a single compact, rugged and portable system and provides a powerful software package for extensive analysis of recorded measurement data, especially suited for this field. This facilitates detailed analysis and investigations on engine hardware and ECU software, even cylinder by cylinder. A particular strength of imc MKAS-II lies in its ability to combine ECU evaluation with simultaneously recorded acquisition of physical sensor data and analog signals. Fully synchronized measurement and correlation of analog data, digital signals and CAN information combined with powerful and sophisticated signal analyzing capabilities, allow for deeper insight and optimization potentials in cold start processes involving both engine hardware and ECU firmware. Based on imc FAMOS, the signal analysis package of imc MKAS-II offers an optimized workflow from data import to mathematical processing, visualization and automated reporting. Specifically suited and adapted to the demands of this particular field of cold start testing, it offers the user an efficient tool to gain substantial and useful results, fast, convenient and clearly represented – adequate to achieve engineering progress in this very core domain: engine design and control.

Data Analysis & Management Software - From real-time, multi-monitoring system operation and analysis, to complex automation, internet measurement platforms and control interface displays - we provide all the software solutions that you need for your measurement tasks.


imc STUDIO combines many separate tools in a seamless and integrated environment. Within this framework, users are able to both quickly perform basic measurements and create sophisticated test configurations. Configure and measure With imc STUDIO, you are ready to start your measurement in a few minutes. A clearly organized channel configuration list, extensive sorting and filtering functions, numerous assistants, built-in sensor management and support of TEDS are just some of the useful functions for achieving quick, intuitive system configuration.


imc Famos - No matter where the data originates – test stand, test setup or mobile measurement – imc FAMOS combines all the tools you need for professional visualization and analysis of your data: from data importing to print-ready reports. With a vast number of analysis functions and powerful automation options, imc FAMOS provides quick results. Specifically designed for analyzing daily measurement data, imc FAMOS is ideal for engineers and technicians who wish to solve their tasks efficiently.


imc LINK actually helps you to manage your remote data, automatically downloading and pre-processing your new data. imc LINK... independently manages and controls the data to be transferred; if your data or network is only available at night, imc LINK works overnight for you - and each day’s results are on your desk the next morning. works with the imc data acquisition systems to manage data transfer interruptions automatically, ensuring data will never be lost; as soon as the measurement system is back online, data transfer resumes automatically Seamlessly integrates with existing Internet connections such as LAN/Ethernet and WLAN/WiFi and newer mobile 3G/4G data transfer technologies including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS


imc WEBDEVICES provides the means for remote-controlled, unmanned, fully-automatic monitoring, data acquisition and testing of technical systems over long distances, such as with vehicles, machinery, plants or structures.

EUROAMERICA with its partner DTS offers portable data loggers for field testing, transit/package testing and as a redundancy daq logger. DTS stand-alone data-loggers are a complete test and measurement solution with built-in sensors. Each type of DTS data-loggers offers a variety of sensor ranges, making the DTS data-logger ideal as a dynamic data-logger (DDR), an incident data recorder (IDR) or a high speed blast data acquisition logger (DAS logger).


DTS AIR - Miniature, rugged universal data logger, 11 built-in sensors, onboard memory plus streaming


TSR PRO - Rugged, compact shock recorder with built-in triaxial accelerometer


TRS 6DXC - Rugged shock recorder, built-in accelerometers and angular rate sensors, CAN Bus or USB


DDR -- Miniature, ultra-low power 6DOF data logger, linear & angular acceleration, flexible PCB

EUROAMERICA and imc offer modern telemetry systems for a wide variety of tasks: whether single-channel torque monitoring of a rotating shaft, multi-channel strain gauge and temperature measurements on a train wheel-set or non-contact power measurement on a vehicle drivetrain in harsh environments. There are transmission electronics available for a large variety of sensors, such as strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge), thermocouples, PT100/1000, as well as IEPE sensors and voltage signals.


The 1-channel telemetry system T1 is ideal for wireless transmission of strain gauge signals from rotating shafts. The transmitter electronics allow the direct connection of strain gauges in full- and half-bridge mode. The bridge supply is fixed 4 Volt DC and the gain can be freely selected in 4 levels. The transmitter electronics (encoder) is only 35 mm wide, 18 mm long and 12 mm deep and weighs only 13 grams.


The TEL1-PCM single-channel telemetry system offers the easiest handling for the wireless transmission of strain gage signals from rotating shafts. The very small encoder (35 x 18 x 12 mm) has a weight of only 13 g. The transmitter (encoder) part is simply mounted on the rotating shaft with a special fiber reinforced tape. Powering of the transmission part and the digital data transfer between transmitter and receiver is realized inductively.


The TEL1-FLEX offers users a telemetry series for particularly cramped quarters. The extremely flat and flexible transmitter electronics allow torque measurements under the tightest installation conditions. The total thickness is less than 2 mm. Thanks to the space-saving design based on a pliable film substrate, the flexible telemetry makes it extremely easy to apply to rotating shafts or other machine components. The TEL1 telemetry transmits its data digitally and inductively with a resolution of 12 bits to the TEL-1 receiver head. A cable connects it to the TEL1 receiver. For signal output, an analog output (+/- 10 V) is available as standard. Optionally, a current loop (4 ... 20 mA) can also be integrated.


DX telemetry is a particularly compact and lightweight multi-channel telemetry. Thanks to the universal transmitter module, it can be used flexibly and enables wireless measurements with different numbers of channels and sensor assignments. The possibility of operating up to four transmitters synchronously with one receiver allows for simultaneous acquisition of spatially distributed measurement points.


MTP-NT telemetry offers two module types for sensors: a universal analog module for voltage, strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge) and IEPE sensors and a temperature module for measuring thermocouples (Type K and Type J) and PT100/1000. Each sensor module is available in a 2-channel or 4-channel version and is equipped with signal conditioning, antialiasing filters, A/D converters and a digital output.


The CTP-NT-Rotate telemetry system enables the acquisition, processing and transmission of 8, 16, 32 or 64 parallel measurement signals from rotating machinery, test benches, wheels and rotors. Various configurations of different sensor modules are available incl. signal conditioning for strain gages (STG), thermocouples type K (TH-K), ICP sensors, potentiometer sensors (POT), LVDT / RVDT sensors and also voltage inputs. Mixed configuration available (2-CH-steps). The integrated accumulator unit allows easy and quick installation of telemetry. The weatherproof system designed for outdoor use (IP65) enables data transmission over distances of up to 20 meters in free fields.

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